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WELCOME To Heavy Parts International

Heavy Parts International is a Heavy Truck Trading Company (truck trader) located in Tampa, Florida specialized in selling used heavy trucks and spare parts for trucks and trailers. We can export and deliver trucks and parts to 25 countries. Also we can do right hand drive convertion for Africa and Australian customers. More

Right-Hand-Drive Conversion Custom RHD International 9200i and 9400i trucks.
Custom dash, no exposed parts.

All our Right-Hand-Drive units are converted from North American left-hand-drive units. Heavy Parts International proprietary Right-Hand-Drive conversion process was developed with the twin priorities of safety and cost-effectiveness in mind. We re-work existing stock components whenever possible. This allows us reduces our new-content costs by more than tenfold. More

1803 E 2nd Ave
Tampa FL 33605 Map
Phone: +1 (813) 991-7001
Fax: +1 (813) 626-7004
E-mail: info@heavyparts.com

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