Vehicle & Boat Export

We can transport you vehicle and or boat via RO - RO and container.

We can arrange for all your documents to be in order for your destination and deal with customs on our end.

Agent services for the purchase of passenger vehicles, boats, campers and motorhomes.

We supply only quality machines, with a perfect exterior and technical state.. You personally choose your own car, and you get exactly what you chose, and no fraud or surprises.

We prefer to use only the company Carmax

Why Carmax?

  1. This is the best condition of vehicles.
  2. Machines available.
  3. Excellent description and photos, no problem Titles (TCP).
  4. Ability to choose anywhere in the U.S.

and to use the Service Transfer, which operates across all platforms for the extremely reasonable Carmax price.

For example:

  • San Diego CA - Tampa is $ 899
  • Houston TX - Tampa $ 499

Moreover, and this price you see when choosing a car.

Try it yourself, enter the code 33610 and look at the cars available.

We do not want to choose your car, we want you to choose your car then you know what, when, and how much - it's your choice!

Agent services for buying boats

Our company specializes in supplying boats and boats using the following resources:

We can transport boats of all sizes, download up to 22 feet in a container or on a Ro-Ro vessel. Like showed here

Agent services for the purchase of Campers and Motorhomes

Florida and neighboring states have great choices for campers and motorhomes. We can help you to select the desired item, order an inspection, and drive it to our warehouse. We obtain all the necessary documents in advance to avoid downtime at destination ports, and prepare it for shipment.

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