Trucks Leasing and Financing

Truck Financing and Leasing

Our company works with a number of financing / leasing companies. With such a wide base, it is generally possible to find financing for practically any customer, regardless whether he has good credit, bad credit, or no credit at all.
We understand that things can happen outside a person's control which might adversely affect his credit, but we do not think this should make it impossible for you to get financing for a truck. Even if other financing companies have turned you down, the below resources can be a good bet to finance your way into becoming a satisfied and independent owner-operator.

Finance Companies who have financed our customers:

CapStar Corporation

We provide financing for commercial vehicles and equipment. Our expert staff has been helping people like you since 1987. We are very flexible, and we have many different financing programs. Every application is carefully evaluated to determine which program would be best for each customer. We even have programs for new companies and difficult credits. Call Thomas Doyal at (813) 594-1120.


Trucks and trailers are critical to the American economy, they deliver goods and resources, keeping America running each and every day. CFF has a unique understanding of the trucking industry because we have financed these types of equipment for 20 years. Are you in the market to buy a big rig, day cab tractor, box van truck, pumper truck, boom truck or a flat bed trailer, drop deck trailer, refrigerated trailer, dry van trailer? Well… you get the picture! We finance all types of trucks and trailers. Call Taylor at 972.428.7224 for more information!


  • We are so fast it will make your bankers head spin. By the time he has had his second cup of coffee for the day, CFF can have you approved.
  • Simple 1 page credit application up to $150,000 – NO TAX RETURNS REQUIRED!
  • 2 hour credit approvals
  • 24 hour funding
  • No Age Restriction on the equipment !

CFF Application

Credential Leasing & Finance

Credential Leasing & Finance is a direct lender for the transportation industry. We specialize in financing used heavy equipment, semi tractors and trailers for owner-operators. Start-up companies accepted - no age restrictions - competitive rates - quick approvals and closings. If you have any questions regarding our programs, please call Mike Parker at 800-788-4464 FREE or email

Mission Financial

Mission Financial Services has been involved in the finance business for over 22 years. We specialize in servicing the needs of Commercial Truck Owners. If you need money for: Truck Repair- Operating Capital-Loan Refinance-Licensing & Permit Fees-Tire Replacement or for Purchasing a truck. Contact Mission Financial for More Information. Our Loan Process Is Fast And Simple. First time owner operators welcome and all credit considered!

Sunbridge Leasing Corporation

SunBridge Leasing Corporation has the capacity to offer creative financing and leasing alternatives on a wide variety of equipment ranging from $5,000.00 to $10,000,000. We offer terms anywhere from 2 to 5 years with fixed rates. We offer 100% financing of soft costs such as installation, freight, and taxes.

Call us at (714) 876-6151

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